Project Management

Project Scope Can Exceed Level of Experience

In the world of contracting, there may come times when the project scope falls outside the level of expertise. Large scale projects often require teamwork and coordination between vastly different trades. The eagerness to work hard may still lead to shortcomings and setbacks when there is a scarcity of experience and communication on a job site. Proper site supervision is paramount in delivering a quality product in a timely manner.

Sayman Mechanical Systems, Inc. can help when it comes to properly managing HVAC/Mechanical projects and coordinating work across trades. With 10 years experience in new construction and building custom homes, our lessons learned become an asset to your team. Whether working on a bid where you have the man power and need site supervision, or you desire added site presence and quality control for your project, Sayman is here to assist you in "Building Quality Partnerships".


A Project in Coordination

Old Package Units


Outdated equipment sits rusting on a commercial rooftop.

Leaking Roof


The roof has been leaking and needs replacement. 

Making Preparations


Repairs must be made prior to roofing the building.

Improving Structures


A coordinated effort sets the foundation for a quality finish.

Setting New Curbs


HVAC installers and roofers work side by side to create a weather tight curb.

A Finished Product


Two trades came together to create a coordinated, picture perfect success.